ZINPLAST ZIKOR water meter chamber

ZIKOR chamber is constructed on a basis of corrugated pipe DN400 or DN500 mm high H-1250 mm or H-1500 mm with a white inner surface that facilitates inspection of the water meter.
The chamber is protected against cold using polyurethane foam and a 27 cm thick polystyrene stopper covered with a Class A15 polypropylene chamber. The chamber DN500 has a reduction under the cover DN400, that could be disassembled during inspection of the water meter.
The chamber has no bottom, thus the geothermal properties of the earth are used thanks to which the positive temperature stays throughout the year in the well. The chamber is light and easy to install and yet resistant to buoyancy forces occurring, among others, in areas with high groundwater.
The chamber can be optionally equipped with a set of manhole valves and a water meter.
The set includes:

  • ball valve 3/4”- 2 pcs.
  • galvanized steel nipple – 2 pcs.
  • galvanized nipple 3/4”- 1 pcs.
  • anti-contamination valve 3/4”- 1pcs.
  • screwed connector PE GW 32 lub 40 – 2 pcs.