TANKS ZIP-ZIN (without outflow)

The purpose of ZIP-ZIN tanks is to collect liquids until they are collected (cesspool) or used for economic purposes (rainwater). A properly selected tank can reduce the costs of sewage disposal or designed for rainwater will reduce water consumption from the water supply network and allow it to be used for living and economic purposes.

ZIP-ZIN tanks are made from PEHD plastic and are characterized by a double-walled construction of the wall, which gives a double safety of use.

Polyethylene is lightweight so its assembly is much easier and more economical than the assembly of concrete tanks. Higher stiffness and double wall make it more pressure-resistant than laminate tanks or single-layer tanks. The tank is equipped with a 1000 mm long entrance pipe DN600, which can be cut to the desired foundation depth. Furthermore it is equipped with a gasket and a transport cover DN600, connection Ø160 for fluid inflow and connection of a ventilation pipe Ø110

Technical data:

Volume [m3]

Diameter [mm]

Length [meters]










The maximum cover of the ground over the tank – 1 meter